Eco campaign – summer 2023 – Competition conditions

Below you will find the rules of the ECO campaign – thermo mug competition, organized by Aramark, a.s. with registered office at Pekařská 628/14, 155 00 Prague 5. Any person who accepts the rules of the competition and who is at the same time:

  • an internal employee of ŠA,
  • agency staff ŠA,
  • apprentice SOU ŠA,
  • ŠA intern,
  • employee of ŠAVŠ,
  • employees of ŠKO ENERGO and EMERGE, a.s.

Acceptance of these rules occurs when the person in question sends answers to the questions of the satisfaction survey and fills in his phone number, or otherwise clearly shows his will to participate in the competition.

Contacts for participation in the competition are: Kateřina Ulrichová (+420 601 142 999)

The organizer does not have to keep the questions of the participants and is under no obligation to answer the questions.

The contest organizer reserves the right to shorten, interrupt or cancel the contest or change its rules. These facts will be announced to the participants by publishing the relevant information on the competition website.

The organizer of the competition reserves the right to make a final decision in disputed cases at its own discretion.

By entering the competition, all participants agree to abide by its rules.

Contest entrants are required to provide their current valid phone number in order to be contacted in the event of a win. The winner will be contacted by phone or text message regarding information to claim the prize. If the winner cannot be contacted within 15 working days of the draw, the prize will be transferred to an alternate winner. If the winner does not collect the prize within 25 working days from the agreed date, the prize will be transferred to the next winner.

The draw will take place on August 15, 2023 with the participation of Škoda Auto and Aramark representatives.

The winners are obliged to properly and timely fulfill all obligations, especially tax obligations, which according to legal regulations arise from receiving the prize. The winners acknowledge that the organizer/co-organizer is entitled to deduct the relevant withholding tax from the paid prize, if the organizer/co-organizer does not expressly determine that this tax will be paid for the winner.